How to get the best hiking shoes

Hiking is a widely preferred recreation activity especially for the lovers out outdoor activities. For a successful hiking experience, good hiking boots is a requirement. Good boots will be comfortable on your feet and go in line with your hiking ambitions. The following tips will help you get yourself good hiking boots.

Types of hiking boots
Hiking boots or even shoes come in four types namely, hiking shoes, hiking boots, mountaineering boots and backpacking boots designed for different hiking experiences. Hiking shoes are low-cut lined with flexible midsoles and are very good for walking and carrying light backpackers. Hiking boots, on the other hand, are mid- or high-cut good for day or weekend hikes where light loads are involved. Backpacking boots are specially manufactured for hikes involving heavy backpack and are fitted with wraps for support around the ankles. Mountaineering boots have stiff midsoles and are good with heavy loads as they are supportive, tough and very durable.

What to do when buying hiking boots
When buying hiking boots, ensure you know your size. This can be done by measuring your foot length in inches and centimeters and use zipping charts available online to determine your boot size. Boots are better tried late in the day as feet swell during the day and will reach their maximum size then. This way, you will not end up with small boots. It is advisable to try them and spend some time with them. Wall up and down and climb stairs to detect odd seams or bumps and any other cause of discomfort. Ensure that you have your socks on and if you use orthotics, wear them too.

Hiking boots review
Some of the besthiking boots include Asolo Men’s TPS 520 GV Boots which are supportive, waterproof, durable and comfortable but have very poor traction. They are not well suited for wet rocky surfaces. Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX Boots have excellent traction but their waterproofing capability is questionable. Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator, on the other hand, are very well ventilated, lightweight with super traction, but the outsole is fast in wearing out. Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Hiking Boots are good for rugged terrain, as they offer great support are comfortable and have great traction. They however, have a poor lacing system.

No single hiking shoe is suitable for all hiking ambitions. Like indicated earlier, the decision to acquire a certain type or brand should be informed my the nature of hiking one intends to do. Armed with these tips, you can easily get yourself the best boots and enjoy your hiking experience.


Since I was a child very few people could match my insatiable affinity for tea. I watched curiously as my mother prepared for me cups of green tea by allowing the tea leaves to brew directly in the cup. Currently I drink an average of 8 cups per day meaning that, I have spent thousands of hours steeping various types of tea over the years using traditional methods.

The advancement in modern technology has seen many dissimilar brands of tea infusers being manufactured to comprehensively satisfy the needs of many tea guzzlers like me. To become extensively acquainted with the best tea infuser to buy, I spoke with several experts in the industry, read books about tea making, and sourced online tea-review communities.

My Exhaustive Tea Infuser Review

Routine tea drinkers, particularly those who drink tea brewed from tea bags or tea balls are going to considerably benefit from using a good tea infuser. The tea bags you usually see displayed on shop shelves are the tea equivalents of immediate coffee. Most of today’s tea bags are basically leftover tea dust. Their much exposed surface area enables quicker brewing at the expense producing quality tea.

Most companies have started stuffing full tea leaves into the tea bags but the flavor of the tea produced is still very wanting. For tea flavor to be fully exhibited, tea leaves must be allowed to move freely and expand through water. A bag will tend to prevent them from expanding to their full capacity. Switching from tea bags and balls to tea infusers engineered specifically for loose tea leaves have a commendable enhancement on the beverage quality.

Choosing the Quality Brand

Infusers come in various shapes and sizes. They include; over-the-cup and in-cup infusers, tea pots with built-in infusers, tea strainers and tumblers, and electronic infusers for automatic brewing of tea.

The two most crucial factors to consider when selecting the great tea infuser are size and how much the steeping device allows tea leaves to associate with water. A large enough infuser allows individual leaves to fully dance and fully expand during any given steeping time.

An allowance for maximum contact between tea leaves and water must also be adequately provided. For this reason, mesh infusion baskets allows better circulation of water than solid infusers which only have in holes in them.

An excellent infuser needs to simpler to clean, durable and easy to use. Simplicity is essential when it comes to selecting the most valuable infuser.

Several manufacturers use different materials for manufacturing infusers. For in-cup infusers, you are advised to choose stainless steel than ceramic or plastic because of much more durability it offers and greater allowance for water circulation.

Another point to remember is that, the handle should be made of a material which is comfortable for handling with bare hands and not easy to melt.


Most infusers are less suitable for making tea for a large group of people. The infuser’s mesh is also prone to strain after prolonged usage. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, a patina can develop on the mesh. This will potentially clog it.